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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Memo to Yankees... Sign Sori!

The Yankees are still waiting for Andy Pettitte to make his decision on weather to return or not. There have been reports that if Pettitte retires the Yankees will probably sign former Rays closer Rafael Soriano. But, if Pettitte comes back the Yankees will probably not sign Soriano. Here's an idea for Brian Cashman and the Yankees hiearchy: Sign Rafael Soriano no matter what.

The Yankees still probably have bullpen issues. After Kerry Wood signed a cheap one year deal with the Chicago Cubs the Yankees have a bit of a hole in the setup position. Yes the Yankees signed former New York Mets lefty reliever Pedro Feliciano, but he's a situational lefty. Feliciano isn't getting three key outs in the eighth inning. Right now that role will be filled by the eratic Joba Chamberlain and the streaky David Robertson, who imploded in last years postseason. Rafael Soriano would be a great fit. According to Scott Boras told the site that Soriano would be willing to take his talents to the Big Apple at the right price. Ok I made up him "taking his talents to the Big Apple" part but you get the idea.

Yes Rafael Soriano is 31 years old and yes he is pitching in the American League East if he joins the Yankees. But he has been very dominant as a setup man with the Atlanta Braves in the past. Also, if he joins the Yankees that means he won't have to face the Yankees, obviously. He won't have to face Alex Rodriguez, Derek Jeter, Robinson Cano, Mark Teixeira, and the rest of that lethal lineup. He'll still have to face Boston and Toronto, but not the Yankees with possibly five future hall of famers. Also, hes pitched in the East Coast for the last few years with Tampa Bay and Atlanta. So he's used to facing big time teams on the East Coast where baseball matters more. That will definatly help. And finally, the Yankees have the money. The Yankees lost out on the Cliff Lee sweepstakes so they have tons of money available for a setup man eventhough he'd be getting closer money.

This would be a great fit for the Yankees. They'd be filling a hole in the bullpen. Soriano would be a setup man until Mariano Rivera retires then he'll slide into that role as an elite proven pitcher. A must sign for the Yankees.

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